Shrines are buildings placed on the realm map that can be occupied by commanders to provide certain bonuses to a player or to the alliance the player belongs to.

The location of the shrines and the King's Tower varies per realm. The Gate Houses are always placed directly North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West of the King's Tower.

When planning on holding shrines, the maximum bonus-values should be taken into consideration.

Shrines Edit

There are six different shrines that can be found on each map. Each of these shrines provide bonuses to the entire alliance of a player holding it.

Shrine of Abolition Edit

The shrine of abolition is best used by the player who wishes to storm the king's tower and take it by force from the ruling power. It provides 10% bonus when attacking the kings tower. It remains beneficial for the current king's alliance to hold it as a prevention from allowing another alliance to benefit from it.

Shrine of Strength Edit

The shrine of Strength gives a 5% attack strength to the player who controls it and their alliance.

Shrine of Protection Edit

The shrine of protection is vital for a player who has multiple commanders holding onto shrines or towers. It gives the controller immunity to all attacks on his city.

Shrine of Wind Edit

The Shrine of the Wind gives the controller and their alliance the bonus of his armies being 20% faster.

Shrine of Fire Edit

The shrine of fire gives the controller and their alliance 5% bonus to attack strength.

Shrine of Life Edit

Controlling the shrine of life gives a bonus of a 5% reduction in healing time for your armies and your alliance. It does not decrease cost of resources to heal.

There is a maximum of 50% reduction for healing time.

King's Tower and Gate Houses Edit

In order to capture the king tower one must first have all the gate houses cleared of any enemy control, that means they are either empty or under the attacker's alliance control. It is then possible to capture the king tower, note that this condition is also essential for a swap.

The king tower gives 20% heal time bonus, it also grants full vision of movement within the realm (destination, TOA...) and of course bragging rights... the name of the king and how long it is held is shown when in realm view.

Each of the gates also give a minor benefit - 5% power, 10% speed, and two of 5% health.