How To Use Mines Edit

A mine is a resource post on the realm map that resources can be extracted from. A player must send a commander with troops to the mine in order to retrieve the resources. The amount of resources gained depends on the commander's (and troops) carrying capacity. The player must manually click the return button seen by clicking on the said commander to retrieve the resources. Resources DO NOT automatically transport to your city. They have to be brought back by the army in order to use.

Occupied mines are squares on the map, free ones are circles.

Types of Mines Edit

The different types of mines are as follows

  • Silver Mine
  • Timber Grove
  • Stone Quarry
  • Ore Mine
  • Food Cache

Ore mines (obviously) supply the ore resource. The food caches supply food, and so on. Silver mines are often considered the most valued.

Mine Levels Edit

Different level of mines have different amounts of resources and filling rate's. It's up to your troop's carrying capacity how much resources you can collect. The higher the level of the mine, the more resources can be extracted and more quickly. The levels range from 1-5. Levels 3 and above are considered more useful, as levels 1-2 are much slower or don't have enough resources to make sending troops worth it. Level 4 and 5 mines are considered most valuable, and often fought over between players, so sufficient protection or monitoring is recommended.

Level Maximum Quantity Fill Rate per hour (p/h) PRovince
1 30,000 10,000 1
2 75,000 25,000 2
3 150,000 50,000 3-5
4 300,000 100,000 4-5
4 500,000 200,000 5