Monter Hunter Team
Type Special
Size 6,000
Attack 150,000
Health 700,000
Heal time 1h7m12sec
Speed 50
Carry 0
Strong vs Monster
Weak vs -
Recruit time 40h
Recruit exp 144,000
Silver small 50,000
Timber small 0
Ore small 50,000
Food small 200,000

Requires: Commander level 32, Cathedral Bastion Level 1

The Monster Hunter Team consists of armed lunatics trained to kill Monsters. These warriors refuse to fight soldiers, unsatisfied by the sport of hunting their fellow man. They volunteer for Monster Hunting, an activity seen by the rest of the army as suicidal.

Use 2 fully-upgraded MH to kill a Gryphon, 3 to kill a Basilisk, 4 to kill a Troll.

Notes Edit

Very useful unit at end game, for following reasons:

  1. Highest attack per size (at par with troll), can tear down wall quickly.
  2. Highest heal time bonus while defending (64%), normal heal time = 1h7m whereas 28m while defending.
  3. Countering monster user (monster are commonly used in P5).
  4. Get bonus from any infantry item bonus (include Oath Bound set bonus). Iron Smoke Dagger does not give bonus.

Equipment Edit

Level Attack Health Speed Carry Silver small ‍Cost Time XP
II +26,000 - - - 50,000 30m 1,800
III +52,000 - - - 100,000 4h 14,400
IV +78,000 - - - 200,000 63h 226,800
V +112,000 - - - 300,000 96h 345,600
VI +150,000 - - - 400,000 192h 691,200

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