Kill Streak Number Kill Streak Rank Bonuse from kill streak
1 Brawler +25% xp
3 Fighter +25% resources
4 Battle Hardened +50% xp
5 Killer +25% speed
7 Tactician +20% attack
9 Veteran +100% resources
11 Assassin +100% xp
13 Enforcer +50% speed
15 Reaver +30% attack
20 Executioner +200% resources
25 Warlord +200% xp
30 Slayer +75% speed
40 Conqueror +40% attack
50 Tyrant +300% resources
300% resources
60 Despoiler +300% xp
70 Slaugtherborn +100% speed
80 Bathed in Blood +50% attack
90 Dealer of Death +400% resources
100 Death Incarnate +400% xp

What is a Kill Streak?

A Kill Streak is a measure of how many consecutive victories a single Commander has achieved in PvP Attacks against Commanders defending enemy Settlements. When a Commander is on a Kill Streak, they will have a Kill Streak Rank displayed beside their portrait. Additionally, the highest Kill Streak Rank ever acquired by a Player will be displayed on that Player’s Settlement when selected in Map View. 

How do I improve my Commander’s Kill Streak?

Commanders can improve their Kill Streak by attacking a fully healed Commander who is Defending an enemy Settlement. If the Commander is victorious their Kill Streak will be increased by one.

A Commander’s Kill Streak can only increase once per enemy Settlement, therefore a Commander must target a different Settlement for each extra Kill in their Kill Streak. Similarly, if a Commander defeats multiple Commanders in a single Attack on an enemy Settlement it will still only count as one new Kill for their current Kill Streak.

A Victory over an undefended Settlement District, or over an Injured Commander will not improve the Commander’s Kill Streak. Commanders who are Healing will be clearly identified in Scout Reports with a Healing Icon.

How does my Commander lose a Kill Streak?

If a Commander attacks an enemy Settlement and loses, the Commander you have sent to perform the Attack will lose their Kill Streak.

What Bonuses will my Commander receive for a Kill Streak?

A Commander will unlock Single Use Bonuses and Kill Streak Badges as they improve their Kill Streak. Once a Commander unlocks a new Single Use Bonus it will be applied to that Commander’s next Attack on any target. The Bonus will only last for one Attack, regardless of whether they win or lose.

Once a Commander begins a Kill Streak their portrait will be adorned with: a new Badge, their current Kill Streak number, and any available Single Use Bonuses for their next Attack or the number of Kills required to achieve the next Badge.

Can I lose My Kill Rank which is displayed in my settlement on the map view?

No, even if the commander with the highest kill streak lose his kill streak. The highest kill Rank ever achieved stays below your name in the display of the settlement.

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