In Kings of the Realm, certain commanders have specific bonuses for specific units.

These bonuses are shown with the %x description under commander's name and commander's info page. Because of these unit types, some commanders may be effective at the start of the game however as the game progresses these commanders can become ineffective.

The percentage bonus increases that unit's attack and health value. The speed, carrying capacity and the army size cannot be affected. This bonus also applies unit upgrades which are unlocked through research.

As an example, trinity knights have base values as follows:

Attack: 220

Health: 640

Speed: 70


Given under the command of a Praliens, Farg, Stajen etc. these values are applied to army statistics. However, if given under Merek's command (with %25 bonus for trinity knights) the values become:

Attack: 220 * 1,25 = 275

Health: 640 * 1,25 = 800

Speed : 70

Carry: 60

In addition to this, new weapons, armor and shields can be researched for trinity knights, where each weapon upgrade gives +40 to attack, and each armor / shield upgrade gives +60 for health. Assuming that the player has researched weapon and armor of trinity knights, one time for each. The attack / health values become:

Attack: (220+40) * 1,25 = 275 + 50 = 325 (instead of 260)

Health: (640+60) * 1,25 = 800 + 75 = 875 (instead of 700)